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Atlanta Rental Photography Studio with rates as low as $50/hr

Downtown Studio: Text
Studio Entrance
Studio Lounge
Studio Lounge
Glam Room
Studio Space
Open Studio Space
Studio Background Set Up
Studio Modifier Wall
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Downtown Studio: Welcome

Bee Fearless Studios [Downtown]

Located right off of the Belt Line, this 1465 square foot space is the perfect studio location to "Bee Fearless N Create." This industrial building includes high 13 ft ceilings with a faux concrete wall, black wall, white wall, and open layout to set up multiple backdrops or build a set. This space also has a 200 square foot glam room, a lounge area, kitchenette, and private bathroom.

We are right in Inman Park, walking distance from Krog Street Tunnel, the Belt Line, and Victory C.C. Coffee Shop. We are also close to Krog Street Market, Hattie B's Hot Chicken, Little 5 Points, and Edgewood Retail District.

Downtown Studio: About Us

Book Your Studio Rental

Need to make a booking within 48 hours of your desired date?

Give our studio a call for expedited service!

For multi-day tv/film/movie productions please email us at

*Please Note: Renting the studio is NOT the same as booking a photo shoot with our production team or Bee Trofort Photography. If you are interested in booking a photo shoot with our team, please go to our Book Our Team tab. Payments are non-refundable. If you need to reschedule you must notify management at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.

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Equipment Included in Every Rental


- 3 Light Godox SK-400ii Kit
- Modifiers (Octabox, Soft Box, Beauty Dish, Lantern, Strip Banks, Umbrellas, Parabolic Umbrellas, Grids, Snoot, Gels)

- 2 Foldable V-Flats

- Clamshell Light Reflector

- Rolling Cart with Clamps, Sandbags, Tape

- Rolling Chair

- Faux Blinds

- Bluetooth Speaker

- Seamless paper backdrops

- Cloth backgrounds

- Hi Speed WIFI

- Fan


- 2 Black Stools

- 2 White Posing Boxes

- Plexiglass

- Large Gold Mirror

- Small Red & Gold Throne Chair

Downtown Studio: Services

Cloth Background Selection

Along with our Seamless Paper Background selection, we also have a selection of Cloth Backgrounds available for your rental!


Dark Green Muslin


Blue Muslin


Denim Blue Muslin


Brown Orange Muslin


Charcoal Berry Muslin


Green Hand Painted Canvas


Black Hand Painted Canvas


Pink Hand Painted Canvas

Downtown Studio: Amenities
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