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2022 Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program: Welcome

Our Why

The Bee Fearless N Create Mentorship Program is a 12 week photography education program FREE to High School students that lack access to digital art programs in Atlanta, GA. Education in the arts are very important to every student’s development associated with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skill, but budget cuts limit the access for students.

With our program students will have the access to resources and equipment to grow their skillset, learn teamwork, and build their portfolio. They will also have the opportunity to connect with professionals in the industry to broaden their horizons on career opportunities.

Mentorship Program: Text

Course Outline

Getting to Know Your Equipment

Students will learn camera basics to understand shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and how to determine exposure.

Finding Your Voice as an Artist

Students will evaluate different subject matters and ideas, to explore their interests behind the camera to find their niche.

Photography Editing and Retouching

Students will learn how to take a raw image and turn it into a final high quality and print ready image.

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The 2022 Mentorship Program has been filled for January 2022. If you are interested in our next cohort starting May 2022, please fill out our application!


If you are interested in supporting and sponsoring the 2022 program, contact us via email for more information.

Mentorship Program: List
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